Real Bride Stories: Julie & James

Our beautiful Morilee bride Julie got in touch via Instagram and shared her amazing lockdown wedding photos. After seeing her stunning gown surrounded by twinkling lights and the Christmas tree, we got in touch to find our more! Julie told us all about it…

We got married at Hawkwell Baptist Church in Rochford and we had photographs in the garden after back in December 2020.

Our story is that we met online, like many modern couples, and James proposed to me at Windsor Castle on a day out. We had actually gone there  years before on our first “date day”.  After he proposed and I stopped crying, he then booked a river cruise down the Thames for afternoon tea and champagne. He had also planned for both families to be at my parents’ house in the evening along with an amazing bunch of flowers! It was a dream come true, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. He thought about every fine detail, and I will never forget it.

As for the dress, I had an image in my head of what I wanted and I just went straight for that look. However, I did try on a few styles on my first visit to a dress shop just to be sure. In the end I visited about 7 shops initially and probably tried on over 30 dresses! I picked a Morilee classic A-line dress. The dress was called Laurie, style 5684. I knew A-line was the style I wanted. The dress I chose was beautiful, it had a lacey floral embroidered v-neck bodice with subtle sequins over it, so it shimmered. It had chunky straps and was low cut at the front and back with fine detailing round the edge and a big satin skirt and long train. It even has hidden pockets! It was a true princess dress and I felt amazing in it . Another bonus was it was not at all heavy! I bought my dress from Alta Costura Bride in Maidstone. The shop is beautiful and has such a huge collection of different dresses and the ladies made me feel so welcome and they were so helpful with finding the one. I added a 2 tier veil and a crystal headband in my hair and I wore Swarovski earrings, bracelet and necklace.

We originally had our wedding day booked for August 2020 but Covid cancelled our plans there. We then booked for July 2021, but with covid hanging over every plan being made we just didn’t know what was going to happen. In September we decided to just go ahead at the end of the year and get married with whatever numbers we were allowed to have, because for us all that mattered by then was that we were married and had our immediate family with us.

Unfortunately, 10 days before our wedding day my father passed away very unexpectedly and suddenly, spinning us into every emotion you could think of. For me I was devastated that my dad would never be able to walk his only daughter down the aisle on her wedding day or have that special moment seeing me in my dress for the first time. I was gutted, angry and upset! But the show went on, just like he would have wanted. Even though it was so hard, we knew for a fact he wouldn’t have wanted us to cancel our day again!

My 2 best bits were walking down the aisle to James and having a cocktail delivery on the driveway after the ceremony! The funniest bit was probably the confetti shot! I certainly got a face full and it was all stuck on my hair and down my dress!

We will be having our wedding day number 2 in 2022 when ALL of our friends and family will be able to join us and we can’t wait to party!

Photography by Gary Derbridge Photography.