Real Bride Stories – Katie & Andrzej

We were amazed when a lovely real bride tagged us in her wedding photos on Instagram and we just had to find out more! Katie and Andrzej married last August at Palacyk Otrebusy in Warsaw, Poland. Here Katie tells her story… We’ve known one another for 9 years now, both working as Therapy Radiographers at the same hospital. It’s often reported that about a third of workplace relationships eventually end in marriage but who’d have thought that to this day we’d still wake up together, drive to work together, do lunch together, drive back home together… and strangely still want to be part of that statistic! Despite being colleagues for quite a few years it all really started when Andrzej suggested we ought to just drive together to a work’s do as we only lived around the corner from one another. After realising just how close we lived it was silly for us to both be doing the exact same journey separately, we soon became our very own tribute to ‘Peter Kay’s car share’. The daily commute suddenly became fun, we laughed and gossiped, we put the world to rights. Eventually he began inviting me round for dinner. Little did he realise that the way to my heart was through her stomach and my purse… free food AND saving money on petrol… it was always destined to be a win-win situation! The proposal happened during a trip away to Warsaw in Poland. As we are both huge fans of an escape room it seemed like the ideal retreat from the usual overindulgence of good food and alcohol during the trip. Little did I know Andrzej had been communicating with the escape room over the last few months and had a proposal all planned out. To cut a long story short, the clock was ticking, time was running out and I was getting annoyed as Andrzej was being hopeless, but it turns out he was just nervous! The final puzzle came with less than a minute to go. It was a jigsaw he’d planted at the end which when solved read “Will you marry me?”. I was so shocked; it was the most amazing surprise, and I didn’t suspect a thing!

As for the dress, I always wanted a fitted dress with lace detail throughout and even considered sleeves as an option. I visited two shops altogether and tried on about 14 dresses. I tried on so many dresses and although they were all gorgeous, they just weren’t “the one”. I realised early on that a fitted dress just wasn’t right for me and found myself really liking the A-line style instead. It was at TDR Bridal Birmingham that I found my dream dress. As we pulled up outside my mum and I were immediately blown away by a dress in the window and commented on how quirky yet beautiful it was and that we had never ever seen a dress like it before… but it wasn’t what I was after so as we stepped into the store and started my appointment, I completely forgot about it.Fast forward to over an hour later, the amazing bridal consultant had determined after multiple try-ons that I wanted an A-line dress and suggested I go for a more pinky or sand colour than white to suit my skin tone. With this information she then went off and found me three dresses in this style, one of them being the dress that we had seen in the window when we first arrived! Ironically, I chose to try the other 2 dresses on first as I said the 3rd one just was not for me. I loved the colour and the A-line styles of the two dresses but there was just still something missing and I was starting to get upset that I was never going to find the one. It was my mum that convinced me just to try the 3rd dress on to eliminate it for good and I am so glad she did! As soon as I put the dress on, I was overwhelmed. The way it felt on, the vintage lace and bead detail throughout, the halter neck, how traditional it looked and the big train… everything about it was just perfect yet so different to any other dress in the shop and for the first time ever I honestly felt like a bride! I immediately started crying and in the matter of minutes the dress was sold. The dress I chose was Morilee’s Poppy style 5708 from their Blu Collection.Due to the halter neck style, I didn’t need a necklace. Instead, I chose statement earrings and a Tiffany bracelet. I had my hair up to show off the back and button up detail and a diamante hairpiece to compliment the sequins on the dress. I chose a one tier chapel length veil with a lace trim around the bottom that was the perfect match!  

As we got married during the pandemic the planning of our wedding was very stressful due to the constant worry if it was going to happen or not! We were so lucky that we chose to get married in a country that was coping with the pandemic a lot better than other countries and so it was able to go ahead.   We had an open bar which is the normal thing to do in Poland, the bar served 11 cocktails as well as spirit and mixers and we had vodka on the tables to keep with polish tradition.   We also had a live band which we also always wanted. Not only did they provide music they also compered our whole day and got our guests involved in traditional polish games too.  

My biggest advice is to write down everything that would make your wedding day complete, get quotes and work out the costs. I love a good bargain so shopped around to get the best quotes! Always ask the worst thing they can say is no! From there work out how much you need to save. If it means not getting married for 2-3 years, then who cares!   The whole day we just couldn’t stop laughing! The dance floor and games were the highlight of the evening. During one of the polish games guests had to couple up and do a twister style challenge. The drinks were flowing so it was just hysterical seeing our guests attempting to do the “wheel barrow” on the dance floor! Also, I ordered a giant K and A for decoration during our outdoor ceremony. When having a photo with them my bridesmaid lent on the K and it snapped in half. The noise was deafening, and the photographer managed to capture the moment perfectly – she was so embarrassed whilst the rest of us were hysterical!  


The best thing about our wedding was that it happened! That despite all the odds against us and a global pandemic taking over the world we still got our perfect day, exactly as we had planned with all the most important people with us.   Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. We wish you a lifetime of happiness.    

Photography by Daniel & Aneta.