Top Tips for a Winter Wedding

With this year’s crazy events we are seeing many weddings being rescheduled. You may not now be getting married in your preferred season so we wanted to talk to you about winter weddings and highlight some things you may not have considered. Your Outfit Number one on your priority list is what you will wear. You want to wear something you are comfortable in and that will be warm enough for your venue. Remember to visit your venue at the time of year you will be marrying if possible and visit the rooms your celebration will be in. Ask staff is heating and fires will be on, and how far in advance the rooms will have heating on to allow time to warm up. Consider where you will have photos and any contingency plans you need to allow for in wind, rain and snow. Consider fun things like wedding wellies, a wedding coat, white or clean umbrellas, a faux fur shrug or muff.

Décor One great thing about a winter wedding is that churches and wedding venues may be decorated for Christmas saving you a lot of décor budget! However, things like the garden may be void of summer blooms so you may like to consider lights, potted shrubs or a red carpet to give the entrance some pizazz. Decorating the rooms with warm hues in your colour scheme such as tablecloths, centrepieces, curtains, lighting and bridesmaids’ gowns can all help. We love the idea of lots of candles to create a warm ambiance and of course emit heat too!

Comfort of guests You want to ensure everyone is comfortable and not chilly. You might like to consider baskets of blankets in lounger areas, outdoor patio style heaters and handwarmers as gifts if guests will be required outside or moving between venues at all. Seasonal Menu and flowers One great thing about winter weddings is you can use seasonal fruit and vegetables in your menu and drinks, as well as in your floristry. You might like to consider hearty root vegetable warming stews, butternut squash soup, foraged berry crumbles with custard, and to drink how about homemade sloe gin or something with clementine, cranberry and cinnamon? You might also be able to benefit from your venue’s Christmas Fare menu. We also love the idea of a hot chocolate or coffee bar! Time of day Remember here in the UK, in winter it gets dark around 4pm and the sun doesn’t rise until 8am. Ensure you consider this is your wedding day schedule of events so you aren’t trying to have your outdoor photos when it is already dark. With a winter wedding you may also have to alter your wedding day schedule if the weather isn’t in your favour – for example, if you have fireworks scheduled don’t leave it until the last minute to set them off if it is pouring with rain or there are heavy winds. Be prepared for changes on the day.