Lockdown Lovestories: Amy & Michael

We’ve really enjoyed listening to your lockdown engagement stories, meaning love is not postponed and we have a whole lot of weddings to look forward to after the pandemic!

The lovely Amy got in touch with us via our Instagram page to tell us all about her very own love story. Amy said:
“Me and Michael originally met on a night out in Newcastle as we had mutual friends, but we had never actually met each other before. He made the first move by adding me on Facebook but didn’t actually speak to me for about a month! He finally plucked up the courage to message me and it all went from there really and I was instantly smitten with him.

During lockdown Michael proposed to me on Fathers Day. We have been together for almost 10 years and I didn’t think it was ever going to happen. It was in fact Michael’s first Father’s day being a dad to our little boy Magnus and I wanted it to be a special day for him, a day that was meant to be about Michael so it really was a huge shock and so selfless of him.

We are planning to get married in 2022 and really want to get married at the Vermont hotel in Newcastle. They do a twilight package which is a later ceremony which goes straight into the evening celebration. I want Jazz bands and everyone just to have an amazing time dancing the night away. I cant wait to get planning.”

Congratulations Amy, Michael and Magnus – we cannot wait to see your wedding photos. A night of live Jazz music sounds fantastic!