Lockdown Love Stories: Christine & Daniel

As part of our series spreading cheer and good news since lockdown began we put a call out on our Instagram page for lockdown engagement stories. We have been inundated with lovely stories from our wonderful followers and wanted to share some of them here. The lovely Christine from Eau Withington near Hereford got in touch to share her very own story.
Both Christine and her boyfriend Daniel are both serving in the British Army. They met when they we were deployed on operations together and have been together ever since.

Christine told us that Daniel had planned to propose in their favourite dog walking area and he had planned for his best friend to be hidden to take some nice photos of them. However with the outbreak of COVID 19 he  instead proposed in the back garden with the dogs there to witness the whole thing. With their own CCTV system they managed to get the whole thing on camera to look back on!

Christine & Daniel have already booked their wedding and will be getting married next April at Hampton Court Castle in Hereford. “We like the idea of a traditional but fun wedding and have hired a Ceilidh band for some dancing in the evening!” Christine told us.

Daniel is now away for work for 6 months so won’t be back until December, leaving a very excited Christine to plan the whole wedding by herself – no pressure!

We wish you all the best with your wedding planning and big day. Please don’t forget to share you wedding photos with us!