Lockdown Love Stories – Hayley & Rishi

We’ve really enjoyed sharing our lockdown love stories over the last couple of weeks, to spread some joy and good news in these strange times. The gorgeous Hayley saw our post on Instagram and got in touch to tell us her own special story…


How did you meet your husband to be?

We actually met on Tinder in June 2016! Rishi was living in Newcastle and I was there for a course  – I’m a midwife, Rishi is a doctor. He moved to back home to Leeds not long after that and I was living in Manchester so we did the whole long distance thing for a year and then I moved over to Leeds to be with him.

How did the proposal take place?

I had just finished a night shift one morning, so had slept in until around noon. I got got up and did a ‘Zoom’ yoga class, a great thing to have happened in lockdown! Then together we went for a walk. It was the very beginning of lockdown so your daily outdoor exercise wasn’t an opportunity to be missed and we had been saying we were going to go for a walk around Harewood House for ages which meant it didn’t seem suspicious at all. We walked for ages and chatted loads and he was acting completely normally – very calm and collected! After about an hour, I was distracted by something on my phone and stopped to watch it. Rishi had stopped walking behind me and got down on one knee and asked the question! He had picked up the ring the day before which he had been sneaking off to design for months.

Any plans for the wedding yet or any ideas you think you might like?

We booked the wedding straight away as we knew 2021 was already getting busy and didn’t want to wait too long. Sadly we still haven’t been able to go to visit and view the venue as it is still closed. The wedding will be in September 2021 at Wharfedale Grange in Harewood, really near where we got engaged. Rishi’s family are Hindu so we are having a fusion wedding which will be so different and exciting.

Is there anything quirky or unique about your love story?

We both went to uni in Newcastle at the same time and I was working in a bar there that his football team was sponsored by, so we often wonder if we had crossed each other’s paths before we met! We didn’t match on Tinder until I was back visiting Newcastle 2 years later.

Please, please get in touch with your wedding photos and all the best for the big day!