Lockdown Love Stories: Katie & Conor

As part of our series catching up with brides to be to spread some cheer in lockdown we caught up with Katie Talbot from Wickford in Essex to hear about her very own Lockdown Love Story…

“Why get engaged during lockdown?”, “What was so special about Friday 24th April?” I hear people ask. My answer to those questions, why not? Conor and I have been together for 2 and half years, but from the moment we met 3 years ago we both knew we had found the one. Cheesy? Yes. But after years of failed relationships you can’t ignore the feeling of finding your soulmate.

I’ve been planning our wedding day in my head ever since we met, not that I’ve ever told him that! Our lockdown engagement wasn’t the way Conor had planned on proposing.In April, we were meant to be going on holiday to Jamaica and we were gutted to have to cancel plans due to Covid-19, and I didn’t realise I’d also be missing out on a proposal! A month after lockdown Boris Johnson decided we could travel to go for a walk, as long as the walk was longer than your drive. Off we went, Friday 24th April, to our favourite countryside walk very close to our home. It felt like just a normal day but with Conor was acting in a peculiar way just before we left. “What are you going to wear for your walk today?”,  “Why don’t you wear that nice top?“ – I should have known! At the time I just thought he was fed up seeing me in gym gear.

Then the weirdness continued as we arrived. “What crops do you think they are growing here?”, “Wow look at that haystack!”, “Isn’t it a beautiful view?” Looking back now, I should have realised something was going on but I was completely oblivious. Then came the proposal. We always talked about getting married and he has often joked whilst sitting on the sofa, about proposing.So, when Conor stopped to “tie” his shoelaces and I heard “Katie…”, it still didn’t sink in that he was actually being serious until I saw my late Nan’s ring sparkling in the sunlight. I don’t even remember what he said next, just the happy tears that followed. I couldn’t even say yes, I was speechless. It wasn’t until a while later when I said, “you do know my answer is yes.” I wouldn’t change the way he proposed to me, it felt like the perfect time and it has brought so much joy to us and our family during this peculiar time. We’ve set a date, booked the venue and now it’s time for all the wedding planning to commence.

Congratulations Katie and Conor, there was a tear in the eye reading your story. All the best with your wedding planning.

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