Long Sleeved Mermaid Wedding Dress for a Romantic Bridal Look

For years, bridal magazines have been highlighting ball gowns as the pinnacle of bridal silhouettes. After all, it’s a classic style that can instantly transform any girl into the blushing bride of their dreams, while the body-hugging bodice and sweeping skirt make for the modern Cinderella moment.

However, not all brides-to-be are looking to embody a fairytale princess. Some want to stay true to their personal style and exude an elegant sexiness. For the simple yet sleek bride, styles like mermaid, fit flare, and trumpet dresses are now under the spotlight as it allows women to strike a balance between allure and understated elegance.


What is a Mermaid Wedding Dress?

The hallmark of a mermaid, fit flare, or trumpet dresses highlights the dramatic skirt and train, allowing brides to make their entrance and exit a show-stopping moment. The dress is characterised by its body-hugging style, which flares either at the knee, below the knee, or mid-thigh.

Style 2172, Anastasia

The dramatic flare creates a mermaid-like tail, which makes for a highly feminine yet sultry look as it highlights a woman’s curves in all the right places. Stitching glamorous and simplicity in the style’s seams, mermaid wedding gowns are the perfect silhouette to show off a woman’s shape.


Combining Long-Sleeve Lace Design with a Mermaid Wedding Dress

Mermaid wedding dresses tend to encapsulate the personality of a modern woman – strong, sexy, and unapologetically sophisticated. However, you can soften the style and add a gentle touch by incorporating lace long-sleeves to the gown.

Sharon, style 2141

Lace in bridal dresses is as timeless and unique as they are versatile. By matching it with a mermaid gown, any bride can instantly elevate the look into a more magical ensemble. It offers different designs from floral patterns, graphic designs, heavy embroidery, along with embellishments like intricate beading.


Why Brides Should Try Lace Long-Sleeve Mermaid Wedding Dresses

A mermaid wedding dress won’t fail to elongate and flatter your figure. For ladies who aren’t gifted with a natural hourglass figure, this is often the go-to choice. Its popularity is due to the style adding an illusion of curves to anyone’s silhouette as the design nips in the waist.

Kendall, Style 8221

With the right choice of fabric and fit, it can also effectively give the appearance of long legs. For the adventurous bride who wants to put a twist on tradition, you can enhance your look by adding lace sleeves for a delicate finish.


Size and Body Type Doesn’t Matt

You may be looking for the ideal mermaid dress and you may already have a ballpark on what range you imagine yourself fitting in. However, if you keep yourself limited in a box and hold back, you may just miss the ideal gown for your body typ

That’s why it’s important to sift through every rack until you have a small selecton of gowns that makes you beautiful inside and out. Be sure to take your time and try on every dress that catches your eye.

Whether you’re going for something modest with a boat neckline or dare to show some skin with an open-back design, lace, long-sleeve mermaid gowns are sure to capture everyone’s attention.#

Take a look at our favourite Mermaid wedding dresses here in our gallery.