Our Guide to the Different Necklines of your Dream Wedding Gown

Every woman has that “perfect wedding dress” moment — the one typically presented in movies and talked about for days amongst friends at coffee shops. When you find “the one” dress to wear as you waltz effortlessly down the aisle, be it a show-stopping gown or a simple sheath design, it’s like a moment in a fairy tale when the bride-to-be transforms into a blushing princess.

That very moment is possible for all kinds of women, from different heights and body types. What the movies don’t show, however, is how difficult it can be actually to find the wedding gown of your dreams – which really suits you.

Add that with a list of never-before-heard wedding dress terminologies, and it may start to feel like you have to settle down with the first dress that you find “alright.” To that end, here are some tips that will bring the wedding gown of your dreams closer within your reach!


A perennial favourite amongst many brides, its popularity is due to the beauty of the style’s versatility. The design is defined by its sharp dip at the centre, forming the classic V shape that flatters all body types – be it a well-endowed or small-chested woman. For instance, the bridge can go for a sexy and bold look by going for a deep-cut plunging V-neckline, or a modest yet understatedly elegant impression with a high V-neckline. The style pairs the best on a sleeveless bridal gown, though it can also look just as flattering on cap-sleeve styles with three-fourths or full sleeves.

Roberta style 5768 has a classic v-neckline

Scoop Neckline

Known for its “U” or round neckline, the style varies from the depth of the plunge. It’s a universally flattering style that highlights the silhouette of the neck and face, making it the perfect choice for any bride. It’s a lavish yet straightforward design that can accentuate the modest bride, though you can spruce it up and add a dramatic flair by dipping the backside further to showcase more skin behind. For those who are not well-endowed, a scoop neckline can easily create the illusion of curves.

Lesley style 5688 has a delicate scoop neckline.

Bateau Neckline

Widely known as the Sabrina neckline, the main highlight of the style is its similarity to the shape of a boat. The neckline has a soft, straight cut that thoroughly covers the collarbone, making it an excellent choice for brides who want to go for a simple style. You can embezzle it with sequins to add a luxurious touch or go for a dainty look with sheer or lace patterns.

Melissa style number 6857 has a fabulous bateau shape neck-line.

Sweetheart Neckline

One of the most well-loved neckline styles of any bride-to-be, the sweetheart is a soft and refined design that fully embraces a woman’s femininity. The cut follows the natural curves of the bust and dips slightly at the centre, giving attractive attention to the neck, decolletage, and shoulders. Sweetheart necklines typically match well with lace or sheer fabric, while the silhouette of the dress is often sleeveless or has an illusion style. For a more modest look, play it up by pairing it with longer sleeve lengths to strike a balance between bold and subtle sophistication.

Pierette, style number 2044 is a great example of this:

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