How to Pick a Shoe that Fits

by Lucinda Jenkins


Every bride has the perfect vision of how she will look on her wedding day. But do you match the shoes to the dress or the dress to the shoes? Whatever you decide, there are a few things to consider when looking for your perfect fit. We’re here to help you out and give you a few guidelines when choosing your bridal shoes.

Consider the Venue

The thing that will drastically inform your decision is where you are getting married. No one wants to walk down a sandy aisle in stilettos. Think about the surface. Are you indoors or outdoors? Will it be grass, sand or a stone or wood sturdy platform? This is by far the biggest thing to think about when deciding on what style of shoe you want to waltz around in.

For a beach wedding we would suggest embellished sandals or perhaps even going barefoot with a cute ankle bracelet to jazz it up a little.

For a garden wedding you might consider some high wedges that give you the height you desire but are still more trustworthy than a platform heel.

If your wedding is inside and you are going all out in a fab pair of heels make sure that the floor isn’t too slippery. If need be, sand down the soles of your heels to ensure the best grip that way you have no worries and can dance the night away.

Be You

This may seem like a no brainer, but we felt it was super important to point out. If you simply aren’t comfortable walking in heels then don’t. It’s your wedding day and you want to be yourself! If your personal style is casual with a hint of glam why not throw on a white pair of sneakers and add your own touch to them either by drawing on them, writing your wedding date on them or bedazzling them. Whatever your style is make sure you are comfortable and the shoes, like the dress, feel like you!

Wear them and wear them some more

We cannot stress enough how important it is to break your wedding shoes in. Let’s get real…how horrible would it be if you are walking around and only an hour or two in you feel a blister emerging or they dig in and cut you! Beautiful brides…we do NOT want you to suffer!

Emergency Kit

Like your emergency kit for your dress as well as your own personal kit, a shoe emergency kit is a must. Gel cushions, plasters, baby powder (to keep your feet dry) these may not be used but will be important to have on hand in case your feet start to ache or anything is uncomfortable.

There are so many wonderful ideas to choose from when looking at what your Cinderella slipper will be, but we would suggest you get the dress first! If shoes really are your focal point for your big day may we suggest a gown where you will be able to show them off?

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